3 Productivity Tips for Creatives

Fortunately for us creative folk, we’re also usually jedi-focused, athlete-driven, and utter masters of time-management. We get s#*t done before we’ve even started our pre-breakfast meditation! We slay dragons! No? Just me? Ok, who am I kidding!? Creative people (myself included) suck at time-management and productivity! We excel in freedom and spontaneity and feel shackled … Continue reading 3 Productivity Tips for Creatives

Finding Creativity

Written for the COFFEESHOP Music blog. This week we’re stepping back from the filmmaking and audio spheres, to look at a much wider topic of finding creativity. Maybe the creative juices have begun to retreat, these days a mere dribble of their former glory? Maybe you have the camera skills, but just aren’t that terrific … Continue reading Finding Creativity