What In This Wonderfully Wide World Have I Been Doing??

It seems I’m not the most consistent of bloggers – my last post being almost exactly a year ago. Nevertheless, tis a new year; I have resolutions, dreams and ambitions, and actually a fair bit on, that I shall inform you about via the world wide web, specifically, this blog.

Soooo, what in this wonderfully wide world have I been doing? What did 2017 mean for me musically and what pray tell cometh in 2018?

Way back at the start of 2017 I released my first independently produced e.p. which was met by overwhelming love and critical acclaim by my Mom, Dad, big bro, sister and my nephew Ben!… Otherwise things have been a little quiet… I did achieve some radio air-play for the song Queen Of Sheba, but besides that, as I said it’s been quiet.

However, I did stumble upon a little gem. A treasure trove of possibilities for an independent musician. An underground grotto that few find but those who do, plunder! I discovered the musical world of sync-licensing. This is an industry term that simply means “put a nice song on that scene”, and is an oasis for the independent artist as most TV shows, films and adverts have limited budgets and can only afford one Coldplay or Mumford and Sons, the rest can be spent on cheap, unknown, desperate wannabe’s that possess songs that sound a bit “Mumfordy” – enter, moi!

Now, so far I haven’t secured a song sync (one kid did put one of my tracks on his YouTube vid), but this is a long, strategic game. I have been building relationships with licensing agencies both here in the UK and across the pond. I’ve started writing for a London-based music library called Bibliotheque Music, who signed three of my Christmas cover-songs last year and recently asked me to write and produce a grungy-americana album for them… whatever that may be?! I’ve also joined a community of like-minded, sync-focused writers by enrolling on an Access Course with L.A.-based licensing-agency-to-the-stars Catch The Moon Music, who I will be mentored by and submitting to over the next 12 months.

I have some live gigs planned, and will be doing more alongside dAudio Music Group this year. And I’ve also just dropped a new release, a single called “Don’t Let Me Down” which will be available to purchase or stream on iTunes, Spotify and all good digital music services shortly. And I shall of course be working on a new e.p.

So 2018, my goal this year is to get one of my songs placed on a someone’s television screen somewhere – be it a TV show, film, advert, big or small, anything anywhere. And if I do, then my goal is to do it again, and then again… and continue with this approach until it vaguely resembles a music career!!

Until 2019, readers (hopefully much sooner!)… Happy New Year! May your 2018 be full of creativity, joy, peace, love and music! X

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