Designated Survivor

Well, isn't it always exciting when you receive news that one of your songs has been deemed good enough for President Tom Kirkman!? Indeed, my track "When I'm Gone", which was earlier placed in U.S. sit-com "God Friended Me" has been added to Kiefer Sutherland's Netflix show, Designated Survivor. Unfortunately, I've not been provided the … Continue reading Designated Survivor

Songsmith Album

Following on from the "Americana" album that saw a handful of pretty exciting placements, including Vodafone and the Discovery Channel, I've been crafting away on new album for Bibliotheque Music. The follow up has a familiar singer-songwriter vibe - acoustic guitars and hand claps in all the right places - but this time plays with … Continue reading Songsmith Album

What In This Wonderfully Wide World Have I Been Doing??

It seems I’m not the most consistent of bloggers - my last post being almost exactly a year ago. Nevertheless, tis a new year; I have resolutions, dreams and ambitions, and actually a fair bit on, that I shall inform you about via the world wide web, specifically, this blog. Soooo, what in this wonderfully … Continue reading What In This Wonderfully Wide World Have I Been Doing??

“The lullaby to end all lullabies!”

Sometimes somethings have to end for new things to begin. Last August, my child-free life came to the end of its existence with the arrival of my daughter Ivy. So-long irresponsible me (I'd been known to stay out until, I don't know, 12.15 am or something crazy like that!!), farewell last minute adventures to far … Continue reading “The lullaby to end all lullabies!”